Dear alumni,

Welcome to the Castle JCR website! Whilst this website is aimed in many ways at keeping current students informed, we also want it to be a tool for prospective and past students too – I really hope that you find it useful! You can find information about sports clubs and societies, the JCR outreach programme (CCA), events, and just about everything else we do within the JCR, so it’s a great way to stay updated. We also have a Twitter account (@castlejcr) and Facebook page (University College JCR, Durham), which I would really encourage you to follow.

The JCR is incredibly proud to have an alumni network as dedicated and active as the Durham Castle Society, and we are hugely grateful for the constant support that you offer us, be this in the form of financial assistance or invaluable services and advice. Needless to say, without these things the JCR would not be as successful as it is now, and for that we thank you. It is a true testament to Castle that so many of you continue to care about and contribute to what we do here even after you have left. Your ceaseless commitment is also a humbling reminder to current students that we are phenomenally lucky to be here and that we should enjoy all that Castle has to offer while we still can.

I am now a finalist, soon to be an alumnus, about to enter what is often called ‘the real world’. The Durham Castle Society is proof, however, that leaving Durham University does not mean leaving Castle. In fact, it may be one of our finest assets that this wonderful Castle community extends far beyond our degrees and offers us friendship and support for the rest of our lives. Over the course of the next year, I hope to promote this mantra as much as possible, so if you are a former Castle student and want to support the JCR in any way, want to talk about how we’re doing, want to share a story about your time here, or want someone in the JCR to take you on a tour of Castle, then please do contact Castle’s Alumni Relations and Development Officer ( and they will be able to put you in touch with me. I will reply as soon as I can, offering any assistance possible.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

Fraser Desforges-Medhurst
Senior Student, 2016-17