Arts Week

10391030_10209144892927838_4262350742232561604_n12832387_10209144944249121_3904429261728837036_nCastle Arts Week 2016

Castle Arts Week is an annual event designed to showcase the Arts at Durham and introduce students at University College to an eclectic range of art forms.

Arts Week has a fantastic calendar of events; Arts Week 2016 included workshops, seminars, as well as talks by esteemed speakers such as the Vice-President of International Marketing at 20th Century Fox.


Arts Week 2017 started off with Castle Fashion Show 2017 and later ran a diverse selection of fantastic free taster sessions, culinary tours, tango classes and the culmination of the week, the Castle Gala Show, a celebration of artistic talent with the best acts from across the University performing in a showcase of artistic diversity. The schedule of events are be found in the First Issue of the Castle Arts Newsletter, found here.


For more information, you can find the official Castle Arts Week website here: