Please note: This committee was disbanded at the beginning of the academic year 2023/24, the page has been left for archival purposes.

The Undercroft committee is subdivided into two separate bodies, Bar and Security. The Bar committee is directly run by the head of the Undercroft Committee Rosie Merron, aided by the Vice-Bar chair Zachary Barnett.

Those working on the Bar committee are responsible for the running of the inside of the bar, serving customers and ensuring a warm friendly environment for all to enjoy.

For those who wish to apply to work on the bar, applications are opened in term one and term two. The process is composed of two steps,  first is a written application to the Head of the Undercroft committee, followed by an interview with the heads of the Undercroft committee and the food and beverages manager. If you are interested in working on the bar please send any questions you have to