Darts (Gs)

The Castle women’s darts team is known for excellent chat, raucous socials, and a limited grasp of actual darts playing! We’re in the bottom league, so NO prior darts experience is required (please, we all lack skills). We would like to add that despite this we drew with Castle As men’s Darts who happen to be in league 1.

Darts was a large part of last year’s freshers experience, encouraging a competitive atmosphere within castle and the wider colligate system. Darts is a sport infiltrated with drinking rules, with straws and vinos aplenty, and an occasional trip to Newcastle. Basically, we have bevvys, matching outfits and a slight arm work out 😉 What more could you want?

Join us for a lively match most Mondays in the undie the action starts at 7:45 pm. We promise laughs, camaraderie, and memories you won’t forget, even if our dart skills are, well, a work in progress. Follow us and contact us on Instagram.

Darts enthusiasts, and fellow part-time VK connoisseurs, here we have out two co- captains who rekindled the Castle Gs team in 2022!

First up, we have Anousha (anousha.treon@durham.ac.uk), the queen of chopping pints and the undisputed VK-chugging champion! If you’re looking for someone who can empty a VK faster than you can say “dartboard,” she’s your gal. But folks, let’s be real – while her VK-smashing talents are extraordinary, she might need to learn that smashing them on the floor isn’t the best idea. Watch out for flying darts when she gets overly excited, and remember, safety goggles might not be a bad idea!

And then we have Lucia (lucia.luing-turnbull@durham.ac.uk), who, well, let’s just say she’s got a “unique” approach to pint chopping. It’s almost like she’s allergic to proper pint-pulling techniques. Rumour has it she gets a little feisty after a few drinks, (not all of us have a tindur written about our public temper tantrums) but hey, it’s all part of the darting experience! Besides, when those VKs go to her head, her dart-throwing prowess shines through, like a tipsy dartboard wizard.

So there you have it, folks – Anousha, the VK-slaying darts dynamo, and Lucia, the accidental pint-chopping, dart-throwing maverick! Together, they form an unstoppable duo that whips the women’s team into shape.