Elderly Care

Division Head: Paige Atkinson

Hey! I’m Paige and I will be the Head of the Elderly Care Division as part of CCA in 2021/22. I am in my second year of History and Politics, so feel free to ask me about that too! I’m so excited to get back into volunteering this year and meeting all of you that want to get involved too. As a result of COVID-19, there weren’t many/any in-person volunteering opportunities for most of my first year, so a lot of this will be learning on the job for me and I’d love to have some helping hands that want to experience volunteering for the elderly in Durham too! So please do contact me if you’d like to get involved in any way.

Elderly Care as a division works to build a closer relationship between Castle students and local elderly residents. Some of the activities involve volunteering a local care homes, hosting events to which residents are invited, as well as providing home visits for elderly residents that may be living alone.

I’d like to get as many people stuck in as possible, so we welcome all kinds of participation – whether that is reading poetry, musical performances, reading sessions or arts and crafts during care home visits. To make up for the year (and a bit) we’ve all struggled through, the Elderly Division hopes to get a lot of involvement this year by starting back up extremely rewarding volunteering experiences we’ve missed out on.

Again, if you are at all interested – even if you just want to come along once – join our group on Facebook and feel free to drop me an email or message me anytime with questions.

Paige 🙂

Email: cca.elderlycare@durham.ac.uk