Environment Officer: Josh Taylor

The Castle Environment Committee seeks to promote a sustainable way of living by providing the Castle community with information, tools and opportunities that can best increase self-awareness and allow everyone to make small but powerful changes that have a positive impact on the world around us!

Biweekly meetings are held to discuss ongoing plans and act as an opportunity for new schemes to be introduced. They provide the perfect place for new proposals from committee members to work on projects based on environmental issues and sustainability. Exciting areas of focus have included ‘Pledge to the Veg’ vegetarian week and the Sustainable Fashion Show in the past – catering to everyone and allowing us all to make a difference in a variety of ways we might not have tried before! This coming year we are looking to collaborate with the Charity Division, as well as with catering to ensure all events continue to be as sustainable as possible.

We are constantly looking for ways of refining our college life to do our part in making our planet greener. Alongside our own projects, we work with the university’s environment department, Greenspace, to organise environmental initiatives and activities and coordinate with the wider university. In addition, a sub-division of the Environment Committee is the Castle Allotment Committee, meeting every week in the second term to keep our college allotment garden happy and well!

An opportunity to discover your inner Greta Thunberg or eco-activist hippie, we welcome you to join.

Hello everyone, I’m Josh a final year biologist and this year’s Environment officer. I hope to lead lots of fun and engaging initiatives where we can all learn to help our local environment and ultimately the planet.

I want to carry out some fun activities such as gardening and wild flower planting! This year I also want to focus on how getting about in nature can positively impact your mental health. I would encourage all of you to get out and explore some of the scenery Durham has to offer.

If you would like any advice on what the beautiful nature Durham has to offer, or would like to be apart of the environment committee then please email me at hfnt82@durham.ac.uk

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To get involved or hear more about us follow our Instagram @castleenvironment and Facebook account at Castle Environment Committee 21-22. If you have any questions/suggestions please get in contact with me, Josh, at castle.environment@durham.ac.uk or hfnt82@durham.ac.uk