• Gowns must be worn before entering the Great Hall and throughout the formal.
  • The dress code is smart. Ladies should wear a cocktail dress or a trouser suit; gentlemen should wear a lounge suit with a necktie. Footwear should be appropriate for this dress.
  • Complete respect must be shown to the catering staff and the security team working during the formal.
  • Drunken attendees will not be allowed to enter the Great Hall.
  • Dinner starts at 19:00. Don’t be late: if you arrive after the doors to the Great Hall have been shut (at 18:55), you won’t be allowed in.
  • All those attending the formal must stand when the High Table enters, when grace is being said or sung, and when the Senior Student is bowing out. Complete silence will be observed during these periods.
  • Once grace has been said, there will be no standing throughout the formal until the Senior Student has bowed out to the Master.
  • The maximum amount of alcohol permitted is one bottle of wine per person, which must be purchased in the Undercroft Bar.
  • Attendees are responsible for the behaviour of any guests they may bring, and ensure that they abide by this code of conduct.
  • There will be no photography or use of phones during the meal.