Results Day 2023 – Congratulations on your A level results!

Good morning incoming Castlemen!

If you’re reading this then we believe congratulations are in order! Welcome to the best college in Durham, we’re so excited to welcome you home this September. There will be more information coming your way over the next few weeks via email and Instagram, along with a link to this year’s Castle Freshers Facebook page (the first port of call for all things Castle) but in the meantime stay tuned on the @castlejcr and @castlefreshersweek23 Instagram pages and take your time looking over what Castle has to offer you as a JCR member:





Additionally, if you fancy meeting us (the Executive Committee), the Welfare Team, Frep (freshers’ rep) or iFrep (international freshers’ rep) teams before you arrive, just follow the embedded links – and if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out!

Enjoy your well-deserved celebrations today and we’ll be in touch soon.


The University College Executive Committee 2023/24