JCR Vice Chair

JCR Vice Chairs:
The JCR Vice-Chairs assist the JCR Chair in their duties where needed to ensure that the JCR is functioning in a fair and transparent way. At the discretion of the chair, they may sit in on JCR interviews to ensure that they are being conducted according to your merits. As a team they have the power to investigate if you feel that you have been treated unfairly. They also sit on the Standing Orders Committee which oversees and amends the Standing Orders (essentially the JCR’s constitution). Look out for us in interviews and do not be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions You can contact us both at castle.vicechairs@durham.ac.uk or individually at oscar.r.fletcher@durham.ac.uk or bradley.osborne@durham.ac.uk
Oscar Fletcher
Hi I’m Oscar. I study geology and am in my third year here at Castle. I work alongside the JCR Chair and my fellow vice chair to ensure that the JCR is running in a smooth, fair and transparent way. Outside of my role I enjoy college rowing, and getting involved in other JCR committees. I am also treasurer of AHGS, (The Earth Sciences student society). Please reach out if you want to know anything about these or any other aspect of college life.
Bradley Osborne