JCR Vice Chairman 2016/17

JCR Vice Chairman: Owen Jackson

JacksonAs Vice Chairman I deputise for the Chairman, filling in for them when they are unavailable. So watch out for me in interviews and sitting on committees. My particular responsibility is for college societies and making sure they operate in a fair and accountable way. So get in touch if you have any concerns about how societies are being run.

I am a third year Historian who when I’m not on duty for the JCR or studying you can generally find working behind the bar, or rowing for college!

You can reach me at owen.jackson@durham.ac.uk

JCR Chairman

2017/18 JCR Vice Chairman: Jeremy Cowen


2018/19 Vice JCR Chairman – Adam West
2017/18 Vice JCR Chairman – Jeremy Cowen
2016/17 Vice JCR Chairman – Owen Jackson
2015/16 Vice JCR Chairman – Adam Wells
2014/15 Vice JCR Chairman – M. Hoser
2013/14 Vice JCR Chairman – J. Holford
2012/13 Vice JCR Chairman – E. Gibbs
2011/12 Vice JCR Chairman – E.R. Perrin