Krishna Consciousness Society (KCSoc)

Our mission is to promote spiritual well-being and explore Eastern philosophy, with a specific focus on the teachings and literature of the Vedic tradition.

We aim to introduce students to the science of spirituality, helping them understand who they are and how life actually works.

Our society offers a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds to come together, discuss, and delve into topics like relationships, habits, lifestyle, and faith.

We find spiritual solutions to the challenges we face while also promoting simple living principles and high thinking to navigate material problems, including social and academic pressures.

Join Us for:

  • Thought-provoking discussions on Eastern philosophy and Vedic teachings.
  • Mantra meditation sessions for inner peace and self-awareness.
  • Sharing and enjoying vegetarian/vegan meals cooked by our members.

Experiences and Opportunities:

  • Be a part of annual events at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Greater London, organized by the national KC UK society.
  • Embark on life-changing annual trips across Europe to countries like Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium, to experience holistic and spiritual living.

Why Choose KCSoc:

  • Embrace a holistic approach to life, where spirituality meets everyday challenges.
  • Connect with like-minded students and form meaningful relationships.
  • Discover the joy of vegetarian/vegan cooking and sharing meals with others.
  • Experience the rich heritage of the Vedic tradition through guided discussions and meditation.

Get Involved Today:

Join KCSoc to unlock the secrets of spiritual well-being and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. We welcome students from all walks of life to come together and explore the depths of Eastern philosophy in a friendly and inclusive environment.


President: Edwin Herrera-Chacon –

Hello there! I’m Edwin, the President of our wonderful society. Currently pursuing my PhD in Particle Physics, I find immense joy in exploring the fundamental nature of our universe. Material science reveals the ‘how,’ but my passion for spirituality helps uncover the ‘why’ behind it all.

In the past, I resided at Bhaktivedanta Manor as a monk, and that experience was truly profound and enriching.

Join us in creating a space where students from diverse backgrounds can continue to foster their spiritual connections, guided by a higher level of consciousness.