Other College Roles

These are some examples of our college’s more informal roles, which are a really fun experience to both run for and receive! Here’s some insight into what they involve and the history behind them…

College Elves – in charge of spreading holiday cheer in college during the month of December. Responsibilities can include but are not limited to: overseeing Christmas decorations; organising carol singing; organising Secret Santas; organising holiday craft sessions; attending a Christmas formal.

College Condoms: in charge of the distribution of sexual health supplies to any JCR members under the supervision of the Welfare Officer.

Purchases Manager (‘Stash Captain’) – responsible for organising college merchandise, known as ‘stash’.

College Tandem: these are two members of the JCR who appear to be so closely attached to each other as to require such intimate modes of transport as the aforementioned tandem bicycle.

College Scaffold: the member of the JCR who contribute most to the profits of the Undercroft and is a constant presence there, such that they can be described as being the framework propping up the bar.

College Peter Pan: a person who has been a member of college for such a lengthy period of time that they clearly struggle to move on and grow into the real world.

Preventions Officer: traditionally, they were responsible for restricting how much Castle members (having started as an all-male college) conversed with women students on Palace Green. There were very strict hours for these interactions, however, these were relaxed for Castle day. In its current form, the Preventions Officer’s role is to prevent people romantically exhibiting intimate contact in the JCR or Undercroft bar.

College Hero: The JCR may at its discretion make this honorary award to a member in recognition of achievements exhibiting an extraordinary courage in the service of the JCR. The first College Hero elected unanimously was David Higgon (1986-1989) who entered Hatfield’s Senior Man’s room during broad daylight and regained possession of the College Flag – all in his first week in Durham. Nowadays, college rivalry is more light-hearted and is concentrated on the sports field.