Primary Education

Division Head: Emily Marsden

Hello! I’m Emily and I am the Head of Primary Education for 2021/2022. I am a 3rd year Primary Education student so I am really excited to be able to expand my teaching experience and get involved with the local community. I love Disney, long walks and taking photos. If you have any questions about CCA / the Primary Education division, please contact me!

The Primary Ed division gives students the opportunity to volunteer to travel to a local Durham primary school each week and get involved with various initiatives. This can be a fantastic way to give back to the local community, dip your feet into teaching to see if it’s for you and to meet more people in Castle College with similar interests to yourself!

Past volunteering activities have included:

  •  Homework Club
  • Latin Club
  • Reading Club
  • Trips to Durham Castle / Durham Cathedral

I am open to any and all ideas when it comes to clubs – where be that continuous or one off opportunities. The pandemic has meant that many young students have missed out on so many social opportunities, therefore, I believe any and all activities would be highly beneficial / interesting to them!

The important stuff:

  • Travel expenses are paid for by the college
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • You must attended a DBS session

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Head of the Primary Ed division Emily – or