Services Manager

Services Manager: Ella Banks

The Services Manager is responsible for the efficient running, maintenance and provision of the JCR’s services and facilities. These include areas like the Junior Common Room Lounge, laundry, updating the website and the Moatside Gym. I will also oversee the catering aspect of college life, going to twice termly meetings with the College to give feedback, and I am responsible for the running of the weekly formals that are a central Castle tradition.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI(6.10), p.14)

For basic maintenance issues within your accommodation such as blocked showers, or if you need some household items replenishing like toilet rolls, please fill out a Maintenance Report Form and the issue will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can scan this QR code:

If your accommodation issue is urgent and cannot wait please call the Porters on 0191 334 3800.

Hello! My name’s Ella and I’m a 4th year Engineer from just south of Manchester. I’m this year’s Services Manager, which means I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the services and facilities within College (formals, laundry, gym and the JCR Lounge – which is undergoing some significant remodelling at my hand this year!). Outside of my JCR role and degree course I enjoy playing football with UCWAFC, rowing with UCBC and creating various Castle graphics – for example I’ve designed the freshers t-shirts for the past couple of years! I can often be found in the Undie for a leisurely pint in the evenings and am always up for a chat – JCR related or otherwise. If you have any issues, questions, queries or suggestions for formals and/or our JCR spaces, please don’t hesitate to come and find me around the castle or email


Favourite Castle memories: There are far too many – highlights include: my (now graduated) 1st year Keep-mates driving to Whitby for the sunrise after my final Castle COVID lockdown; watching my college husband bow out as Senior Student for the first time (I am unfortunately now widowed as he is doing a Masters at St Andrews); organising and attending all three balls as Creative Director in my second year; and many hours spent in the Undie (particularly post-formal) and in The Swan putting the world to rights!