Castle AFC

With over 60 playing members and plenty more attending socials, Castle AFC has always been one of the college’s largest and most successful clubs. We currently field four teams as well as a squad for the indoor futsal league, meaning there is a chance for everyone to get involved; in the past we have seen countless examples of both exceptionally gifted players knocking on the door of the better DU teams, as well as those who have never played competitively but fancy a kickabout. Our teams are present across the uni divisions; our A team finished fourth in the prem and reached the semi-final of the summer cup, whilst our D team is a mainstay in div 6B, with a storied rivalry with International Study Centre A developing in recent years.

Each team plays around 15 league matches each season, in addition to taking part in two cup competitions. Matches are played largely on the weekends, with a raucous training session being held every midweek. Off the pitch, our infamous socials come around roughly every 2 weeks, providing a great opportunity to make friends with people from different years, as well as memories and stories to last a lifetime.

President: Tom Locke –

Over the last couple of years, I have been heavily involved with the club on and off the pitch. Between the socials and playing for all four teams, the club has been great for me in terms of getting to know other members of the club particularly in different years, and I’ve met many of my closest mates through the club. I can’t recommend more that anyone joins the club, regardless of footballing ability or even just if they fancy the socials. Anyone is more than welcome to email/contact me via social media if they have any questions about the club.