University College Cricket Club (UCCC)

Welcome to UCCC! As a club we are a welcoming group focused on playing some seriously good cricket whilst also having a top tier time playing it, with a large focus on chat and banter in the field. We have nets throughout the year, as well as 2 indoor teams in second term, and then the outdoor 1st XI in summer term. We are in the top division of the Durham-wide cricket leagues, with some of our top past performances being scoring 189 for the loss of no wicket against Collingwood 1st XI, as well as defending 119 against the Staff XI, a feat which included our first over going for 20-odd then defending 9 in the final over.

We value off the pitch performance just as highly as on field accolades. Our highly active social calendar puts on well attended, organised affairs, rooted in the tradition of UCCC such as the majestic Leather & Willow Invitational. We have a rather large number of purely social members so don’t be afraid to get involved. We welcome both experienced and new players to the club, the more the merrier, come along to a net session and see the club for yourselves ! We would also love to have a women’s team, so if you have been inspired by Nat Sciver-Brunt’s ODI form or think you’re the next Sophie Ecclestone, or just want to give it a go, come join and help create history by being the first official women’s college team in Durham!


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President – Toby Peters (3rd Year) (

I went to Tonbridge School down in Kent, and play my club cricket for a strong team in
the Norfolk alliance league. I’m known as Zak Crawley’s biggest fan, and am incredibly
smug at his impressive form throughout the last Ashes. My cricketing idol is Alistair Cook since we’re both left handed openers and both only have about 4 shots. If you have any questions at all then don’t be afraid to ping me a Facebook message or whatever social media format you desire


Indoor Co-captain – Huw Harris (2nd Year)

I have been chasing leather for about 16 years! I play for Richmond Cricket Club and have represented Hampton School (HTID) and Surrey (a while a go…). I am also best mates and bat like future England opener Ben Compton (better than Crawley) but without the patience. I’ve played 1 year of college cricket now and it is some great fun, so do get involved.


Indoor Co-captain – Jo Dugay (2nd Year)

Hello I’m Joe. I’ve officially semi-retired from cricket through injury after a physically challenging season for Castle A in 2022/2023. I’m Zak Crawley’s greatest critic… and rumour has it Nick Compton once said he wished he had my cover drive



Outdoor Captain – David White (4th Year)

Hello I’m David! Like Joe I appear to be injured more often than not. My cricketing career peaked aged 13. I’m also the founder of the Zak Crawley fan club. Get involved and come down to nets for some fun!


Outdoor Vice-captain – Will Steinberg (4th Year)

Hey my name is Will Steinburg and I’m a 4th year studying Criminology. I used to be decent at cricket but now I spend my time playing golf reasonably unsuccessfully. The best UCCC memory of mine actually happened off the pitch during a Leather and Willow invitational. Make sure to get involved as when these allusive nights crop up they are not nights to be missed! I have no strong feelings of Zak Crawley…


From left to right: Joe (Indoor Co-captain), Toby (President), Huw (Indoor Co-captain)

Leather and Willow Invitational, June 2023

UCCC 2022

Leather and Willow Invitational June 2021