University College Darts Club (UCDC)

President: Jamie Gorst –

Whilst other societies are weighed down by the competitive selection of players and high intensity training, darts has seen through this needless stress and created a utopian community, a perfect organisation where everyone is equally terrible at their hobby of choice, delighting themselves with their own mediocrity. Once a week on Monday, the illustrious members of UCDC gather to play against another Durham College.

Benefits that membership of UCDC offers include team building exercises, weekly socials, personalised stash, a European tour and gaining an incredible proficiency with mental maths.

To become a part of UCDC, the only entry requirements are a desire to have a good time and a willingness to participate in the team. No prior darts experience is required, nor is owning darts. I look forward to welcoming you all as the newest members of, undoubtedly, Castle’s oldest and most prestigious society.