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UCRFC (28) v UCRFC (7)
Saturday 4th November 2017

With a complete of lack of fixtures this week UCRFC decided to play a match against UCRFC. Rugby was the winner.

Notable highlights include a short lived debut from Ollie Cowen, running the length of the pitch, only to forget to put the ball down over the try line and get tackled instead. He then subbed himself off for a chun on the sidelines. Meanwhile Baby Dave got stepped in exemplary fashion by a storming Bruce – absolute scenes.

The match ended prematurely when a perfectly timed volley by Baby Dave planted itself squarely in Big Pete’s nut sack. Most of the club were dehabilitated by laughter. Pete was dehabilitated by a sharp pain arising from downstairs. Again, Rugby was the winner.

Some blokes also scored, making the final total 28-7 to UCRFC.


UCRFC (7) v St. Hild & St. Bede (12)
Sunday 30th October 2017

UCRFC’s second match of the season ended with a disappointing 12-7 loss to St. Hild and St. Bede. An unfortunate wardrobe error by the senior management started the tales of the night, with Castle’s classic cardinal strip turning somewhat red for the season. Two early tries by Hild Bede the set the team back even further.

The boys in ‘cardinal’ then turned it up a notch, stringing a succession of strong and stable plays, passing it around the park for the many not the few. Battering it up the park in a lovely five phases of play, the whole team worked hard to get the ball centre park just inside the 22m line. A sharp change of direction by Luke Beckett passed through the safe hands of Toby A-C to Ryan Cullinan. Drawing the man nicely, Cullinan gave a lovely offload to Woolley on the crash ball, who powered through the opposition 10 and belly dived over the line for the try.

The second half was a succession of disappointing mistakes akin to the Somme Front in World War I – with Castle making 30 yds only to lose momentum and end up 10 yds back. This looked set to continue until at least Christmas, were it not for the refs final whistle.

Notable performances came from Alex Boden, Lewis Ball, Joseph Wilson (prior to injury) and Emon Keshavarz who led from the front piling into the rucks and carrying the ball like the prop he really is. That being said the whole team put in a shift and the mistakes were shared across the squad. We build.


UCRFC (36) v St. Cuthbert’s (10)
Sunday 22nd October 2017

UCRFC managed to kick-start the new season in spectacular form with a comfortable 36 – 10 victory over St. Cuthbert’s. After a shaky start, and a penalty against Castle which put Cuth’s 3 points up, solid hands and sublime feet put Alex Pound over for the first try. Buffered by the gargantuan Jasper, the scrum absolutely obliterated Cuth’s, winning all but one scrum against the head throughout the match. A cheeky pick up from the base of a messy ruck soon gave Castle their second break, via the medium of Luke Beckett, crashing over the line carrying slightly less than 60kg and the egg. With the whole team (just Kesh) puffing and panting, the scores at half time stood at a less than ideal 12 – 3.

The second half got underway in exemplary fashion with Woolley shweffing the try line with a naughty pick and drive. This was followed by a mad dash by Wilson from the halfway line, numerous offloads, and back to Wilson who flopped over for Castle’s fourth try. The fifth came not long after with a beautiful passage of play from the boys up front – Hoover, Jasper and Beckley linking up some lovely offloads to send Beckley over the line. Beckley, in full welfare capacity, felt bad for Cuth’s and play was suspended while he apologised profusely to the whole opposition team and bench. The game was rounded off by yet another running try from Wilson who sailed out to the wing and deposited the ball in the corner. All in all a brilliant game of rugby, despite a last minute lapse of concentration which pulled Cuth’s up to 10 points. The evening was rounded off in true UCRFC fashion with numerous pints, a few renditions of Castle’s soon to be new college song (WW), and some flirtatious dancing in Jimmy’s.

Match Squad: J.Wiese, E.Gable, L.Cumberdale-Ball, H.Beckley, J.Withers, G.Woolley, J.Wilson, A.Boden, L.Beckett, T.Atkinson-Coyle, J.Watson, E.Keshavarz, S.Allen, D.Glanville, A. Pound, W.Fan, E.Leane, J.Lai, R.Cullinan, L.Cole, B.Molony, A.West, D.Hardie.


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