University College Squash Club

Castle Squash carries out training sessions for people of all abilities, from beginners hoping for some casual play to competitive matches against other colleges. We have plenty of equipment for members to use and aim to make squash as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Last year the Men’s team won the Premiership League and the year before that, so did the Women’s team, so you will be joining a team with many successes already under their belt!

If you’ve never played before and consider giving it a go then please email me at, same goes for any other queries. Lastly, take a look at our Facebook page. Here, more information about squash this year will be communicated in due course.



Hello, I’m Louis. I study Maths and will also be this year’s president for Castle Squash. The previous year was nothing short of extraordinary, as my teammates and I achieved a momentous feat – winning every game in the league. The exhilarating moments on the court and the camaraderie we fostered as a team are memories that I will cherish, and I eagerly look forward to getting to know each one of you.

Looking forward, we are very open to bringing in new players into the club and offering opportunities for you as students at the college to diversify your university life and regardless of whether sports are your thing or not – we are open to everyone! Hope to see you soon.




Women’s Captain

Hi, my name is Lucy Clennell and I am this year’s Women’s Squash Captain! I started squash in my first year at Durham and was lucky enough to make it into DU Squash in my second year, as well as to captain the Castle Women’s Squash team. Now, in my second year of captaincy, I hope to do what we came so close to doing last year and edge out our fellow college competitors to take first place in the Premiership League, a position we gloriously held two years ago. We have a strong college team, and we are determined to take every single trophy home. Join us and be a part of something big!