University College Hockey Club (UCHC)

1hockeyCastle Hockey club (UCHC) is a mixed club made up of a men’s and a women’s team.

President: Max Kibblewhite –

Dear Hockey Enthusiasts,

I am immensely proud to introduce you to the heart and soul of the hockey world – Castle Hockey Club. As the President of this thriving community, it is my privilege to invite you to be a part of an extraordinary journey that celebrates diversity, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of the game.

At Castle Hockey Club, we have meticulously crafted an environment that resonates with the true spirit of the sport. Our club is a testament to inclusivity, valuing every player’s unique journey and skill level.

What sets Castle Hockey Club apart is not just the quality of our play, but the welcoming attitude we have to the club. The last two seasons we have had a mixed teams due to an overwhelming strength of women coming into the club. I hope this year we can grow the club and produce more than two teams to become more of a threat to the other colleges within Durham.

I cannot wait to try and grow the club further in my final year at Durham with an excellent team alongside me:

Men’s Capitan: Toby Peters

Womans Capitan: Susie Norrish

Social Secs: Nats and Sofia

We have big plans for the year and cannot wait to introduce any new people to the club.