‘Floreat’ is Castle’s very own undergraduate college magazine. Headed each year (at least since last year) by the Vice Senior Student, Floreat provides a more light-hearted and less academic look at every possible aspect of college life: sports, events, the weird and wonderful, the salacious – you get the idea. Published 2-3 times a year (because sometimes the Epiphany issue gets published in Easter term *cough*), the first issue will be the Michaelmas ‘Freshers Issue’, featuring an exposé of what went on at Freshers’ Week, roundups of the best events in college/town, the odd quiz or review, and the infamous Gossip Girl…

Whether you’ve been involved with a magazine before or you’re just a budding comedian, we’d love to hear from you. We’re keen to recruit writers, artists, graphic designers, content creators – no previous experience is required! If you wish to join the editorial board for this academic year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Vice Senior Student.


Editorial Board 2023/24

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Almqvist
Deputy Editor: You?
Design Editors: Ella Banks and You?


Editorial Board 2022/23

Editor-in-Chief: Timothy Carter
Design Editors: Ella Banks and Patrick Hayes


Editorial Board 2016/17

Editor-in-Chief: Laurence Holmes-Smith and Sarah Westlake
Deputy Editor: Becca Hutchings
Design Editor: Izzee Mason

If you have any questions about Floreat or if you’d like to enquire about writing content for the magazine then feel free to get in touch at castle.vicesenior@durham.ac.uk