University College Ukulele Club (UCUC)

Whether you’re an expert at playing the uke or you’ve never picked one up before in your life, University College Ukulele Club has got something for everyone We’re a solid casual group of enthusiastic players – of all different experience levels – who meet once a week to jam together! Our first hour consists of more tutorial-style workshops going through new skills for less-experienced players, before we go into the second half covering more adventurous songs at a more in-depth level. UCUC allows you to showcase your musical talent in a more relaxed environment and perform at a variety of events across the university.

So if this sounds like it could be your forte, come along to UCUC and have a plucking good time!

For further details, come give us a visit on the college Freshers’ Fair, or drop us an email on and or message us on Facebook to be added to the Facebook group for our weekly updates!

We look forward to hearing from you,
Ross McCreery & Tom Poon
Joint Presidents & Musical Directors