New cool JCR software: UCWelfare!

Meet UCWelfare! You can now anonymously message the JCR for any mental health or wellbeing questions you wanna discuss, in complete privacy from anywhere in the world. No logins, no e-mails needed, no passwords: truly anonymous.

Click here to check it out

You can easily make a new ticket by filling in a subject and your question. Your message will instantly be sent to the JCR Welfare Team and they’ll get notified instantly of your message.

Make sure you save the awfully long UUID code somewhere safe! If you trust the software, you can also have it e-mailed to you for safe storing (and yes, you can trust it 😉 )


At any time you can view the latest responses to your ticket(s) by searching for them with the UUID codes the server makes.


…and view the responses:


When you’re finished, you can close it to let the Wefare team know that you’re sorted!


Made by Andrew Taylor