New JCR Website

Ladies and Gentlemen of Castle,

Welcome to your new and refreshed JCR website. As a website getting about 4k page hits a month, user experience (UX) is very important to our visitors. This update presents significant changes in UX, security, network performance and general sassyness, compared to the last site. I trust you like it!

  1. That beautiful front page! The new slider showcases the best of college and I hope I’ve put you in a flattering light if you’re in it.
  2. Faster load times – the site has been migrated to my personal high performance database and web cluster across the EU
  3. Security: is now completely encrypted with SSL (green label in address bar)
  4. New overall styling – blog posts, pages and navigation menus are now cleaner and clearer

Let me know your thoughts et. al – contact me if you have any suggestions.