Outreach Officer

Outreach Officer: Olivia Adkin

The Outreach Officer is responsible for managing the Outreach Committee, which comprises three strands: Castle Community ActionEnvironment Committee, and Charities Committee. Castle Outreach is one of the fastest growing areas in the Castle Community, with many exciting opportunities to get involved. Some examples of projects include The Allotment Committee, Age UK Afternoon Teas and the popular Community Meals for the homeless at The Salvation Army.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI(6.17), p.18-19)

If you have any questions about our initiatives, ideas, or want to know how to get involved – please do not hesitate to contact me at castle.outreach@durham.ac.uk

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Favourite Castle memory: Planning the CCA Auction in my second year, watching everyone have a great night after weeks of hard work and raising lots of money for charity was a definite highlight!