The Lowe Library


The Lowe Library is open to all Castle students 24/7. The library facilities include the basement, main floor, top floor and the Minstrel’s Gallery above the Great Hall. Please note that other places are available to work within college during exam season, such as the Undercroft and the Great Hall. The Lowe is both a library and a quiet study area. Books are organised by the Dewey Decimal System from the bottom upwards, with signs on each of the floors detailing which books are there. You can use the computer by the entrance of the ground floor to search for books and also to borrow books from the library.

A short guide to the Lowe library can be found here.

There is a PC room by the top floor of the Lowe Library, which is also available for use 24/7; printing and scanning facilities can be accessed here. Any problems with these facilities should be reported to Durham CIS.

Lowe Librarians
The role of Junior Lowe Librarian is essentially to keep the Lowe running on a day-to-day basis and to be a point of contact for the JCR. Most of the work involves sorting returned books and making sure that the Lowe is tidy and usable. The Library Assistants are primarily responsible for re-shelving books that have been returned to the library. The Senior Lowe Librarian is responsible for all other aspects of the handling of the Lowe.

If Minstrel's Galleryyou have any questions regarding the Lowe Library or wish to apply to be an Assistant Lowe Librarian, feel free to contact the Junior Librarian. If you would like to request books for the Lowe please contact the Senior Lowe Librarian (appointment tbc).

Please report any maintenance problems within the Library (leaks, breakages etc.) to the Porters Lodge (0191 334 3800)