Chosen JCR Charities for 2019

Hi everyone,

My name is Mala and I am the Outreach Officer for this year – Castle Outreach includes everything from our various volunteering divisions under Castle Community Action (CCA), in addition to the Environment and Charities committee.

Each year, as a JCR, we select a charity to support and fundraise for. However, this year we have decided to support two, both of which hold special value and significance to Castle students and alumni.

Olivia Inspires and Alexandra’s Awareness Campaign were set up in memory of Castle students who sadly passed away, and we are delighted to be able to support these charities this year in their honour. 

Olivia was an incredibly intelligent, inspirational and beautiful young woman and friend – a much loved and valued member of the college, with her efforts and enthusiasm displayed through her contribution and involvement in numerous committees, societies and clubs. Olivia Inspires aims to support children and young people aged 11-18 years old within the New Forest District Council area who are facing financial hardship. They aim to make grants of no more than £500, to provide items/services to enable and facilitate their development in potential STEM subjects, the arts and sport. You can find more information on their website, alongside how to directly donate here: . They have also set up a Facebook Page:

Alex was a beautiful, enthusiastic and intelligent individual who read Maths at Durham. She was incredibly motivated and displayed this through her involvement in a variety of college and Durham wide activities such as cheerleading and CCA. The campaign aims to spread awareness about anxiety, depression and the risk of suicide in addition to methods to cope with these issues. The money donated goes towards training and support for peer support groups, and they also aim to create a video to show new students in colleges to highlight self-care, how to help others and signposting sources of support. You can find more information:

And donate here:

We are planning on hosting a variety of charity events throughout the year, organised by the Charities Committee which is run by Lulu. 

Any questions, please feel free to email myself at: or Lulu at: