COVID-19 Update 15/07/21

On Monday 12 July, the UK Government announced that the final step of England’s roadmap out of lockdown will go ahead on 19 July. Legal restrictions for managing the pandemic in our day-to-day lives will no longer apply from that date. 

However, as a University we will continue to make careful and considered decisions in the interests of protecting our students, staff and our wider community. 

Hand sanitisation and cleaning 

  • Hand sanitisation stations will continue to be provided in communal areas
  • Clean as you go provisions will continue to be available on campus
  • Regular cleaning will continue.


  • Ventilation measures will also remain, including the use of air quality monitors and loggers for recognised Covid-19 air quality standards.

Social distancing

  • From 19 July, social distancing is no longer a specific legal requirement. However, over the summer, as we prepare our campus for next year, we will continue to use local Risk Assessments to manage activities which may bring people into close contact.
  • For the new Academic Year, we anticipate operating all activities without social distancing, though this will be kept under regular review with plans in place should we need to revert to social distancing measures.

Face coverings

  • From 19 July, face coverings are no longer a specific legal requirement. However, we strongly recommend wearing a face covering on campus to protect both yourself and the wider University community.
  • We would anticipate that everyone, except for those with a medical exemption, would wear a face covering when moving around inside a University building.

The pandemic is not over and risks from Covid-19 do remain. We are hopeful, however, that with caution and a focus on health and safety, the coming academic year can be enjoyed with little disruption from Covid-19.

Claire O’Malley   

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global)