Results Day 2019 – Welcome To Castle

A note from the 2019/2020 JCR Executive Committee…

Congratulations on your acceptance into Durham and to Castle! We cannot wait for you to join us in just under two months’ time. We know what an exciting but stressful time the next few weeks will be, so please do get in contact with any of us if you have queries which cannot be answered using information on this website. Our contact information is available on the pages here.

We also encourage all of you to join our Facebook Group – this will be a vital source of communication between the Freshers Week Team during the next few weeks, and will continue to be used throughout the year by the whole of the JCR who will be invited to join the group at the end of Freshers’ Week.

More information on what to expect during Freshers’ Week can be found in the Freshers’ Area of this website. For a taste of what is to come, we have Freshers’ Week videos from the past 5 years available here. Also feel free to give us a cheeky insta follow at @castlejcr

For now, we hope you enjoy the remainder of your Summer holidays. See you in September!

Non nobis solum,

The JCR Executive Committee 2019/20