University College Feminists

UCF is Durham University’s first ever collegiate feminist group. We are a really relaxed and open-minded group who meet on a regular basis to discuss gender issues that affect both University College and the wider world. The society is open to everyone and anyone irrespective of gender or college affiliation.

What do we do?

UCF is a club that allows you to discuss and develop your knowledge of feminism, and more specifically what it means to you. 

We’re a Third Wave feminist group; this basically means that all our work is carried out in a way that respects a diversity of opinions, as our motto says “Feminism is Not a Rulebook.” We do this in a way that is both safe and inclusive. 

We hold all sorts of events; from lectures and film screenings to discussion groups and fundraisers. In the past we’ve worked to improve equality for both women and LGBT students at Durham. 

The climax of our year is our academic conference in June and the publication of our undergraduate journal!

How can you get involved?

• Join the discussion group on Facebook (just search University College Feminists!)

• Come along to one of our events!

• Email the exec at