Welfare Teatimes

We run at least one teatime every day during term time. We also run one-to-one drop ins fortnightly throughout term. Teatimes are designed for a casual chat or tea break whilst the drop-ins are there so you can approach a welfare member on a one-to-one basis, although you can also always approach a welfare member at a teatime if you’d like to chat!

The exact timing of teatimes and drop-ins, who is running the session and where it will be held is publicised throughout term on the Castle Freshers’ Facebook page.        

Daily teatimes:

Daily teatimes run for two hours every day and will be held in A1 at the back of Bailey Court (go up the steps as if you’re going to the laundry but carry straight on instead of turning right). During the year we also sometimes run teatimes in each of the different accommodation blocks such as Moatside, Owengate and Castle which you can keep an eye out for updates on our Castle Freshers’ Facebook Page. A member of the welfare team will be running these each day and will put a post-up on the page to include the location and time. As a result of Covid, these are likely to be run through a booking system with limited numbers, but more information will be available soon. These are designed for a casual, informal chat with people from a range of year groups and friendship circles. They are perfect for a study break with tea, coffee and snacks usually provided, if you would like anything. Absolutely everyone is welcome and encouraged to pop in as it’s a good opportunity to get to know the members of the welfare team and people you may not normally see around college! If you would like to also relax for a bit, feel free to bring a book to read or some music to listen to – we have some puzzles and colouring books in A1 which you can help yourself to.


You can request a one-to-one with any member of the welfare team at any point during your time at Castle. These can be arranged over Facebook messenger or by email, and usually take place in A1 where a sign will be placed on the door to notify others that the room is in use and not to enter. A1 is a quiet room located in a discreet area of Castle accommodation, and one-to-ones will take place outside of teatimes so they will occur in a completely private setting. If there is anything you would like to talk about or seek support and guidance for, a one-to-one will enable our welfare team to signpost you to the best of our ability and any information shared will remain confidential within College Office. If you would like to speak to a member of College Office following a one-to-one, we can also help direct you to David Myers (our Assistant Student Support Officer) or Sukanya Miles-Watson (our Assistant Principle). However big or small, our team will always be there to support you.