Tech Director

Technical Director: Josh Mitchell

The Tech Director is responsible for organising Tech for events inside and outside of college, maintaining Castle’s technical equipment and leading Castle’s Technical Events Committee (Castle Tech). From setting up June Ball in the Castle to working Bierfest in Babylon, there is always lots to do. None of it could be done without the team, Castle Tech, who are the unsung heroes of every Castle event.



I’m Josh, I’m this year’s Tech Director. I’m a Computer Science student in my second year at Castle. I help support all of the events in Castle such as June Ball, the Fashion Show and Bierfest by organising and running the technical side. No prior experience is required to work for Castle Tech, just learn on the job! We pay wages for every shift worked and are the only paid work available in Castle with no interview!

Outside of Castle Tech, you’ll find me as an active member of University College Boat Club and Castle Badminton!

If you’d like to get involved with Castle Tech just join the Facebook Group. If you have any questions, just drop me a message on Facebook!”



If you have any questions about the committee, feel free to send me a Facebook message.

If you have a hiring or event query please email me at